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Kayla M.

My name is Kayla Mccall, I like painting, drawing animals, and dancing to music. Making art makes me feel good. I like to do art classes because I like to learn new things. My favorite classes to do are cooking classes. I am currently working on making animal paintings for my upcoming show. My favorite thing to do outside of the studio is to play with dogs.


Debbie C.

I enjoy painting, drawing, and making art. I really like to use markers, and my art reminds me of stained glass. I like to sleep almost all day. When I am not sleeping, I like to sleep. I also enjoy hanging out with friends and listening to music.

Aleah B.

My name is Aleah, and I like to use mixed media. Sometimes I use clay too. I make shoe boxes into art organizers and jewelry boxes. I make tea cans into pen holders and socks into flowers with googly eyes. I love googly eyes. Nature inspires me, and I upcycle a lot of the things we call trash so it doesn’t end up in the landfill. I enjoy reading books and watching anime! I also like to play with my horse, Lyder.



I am Susan Mays, aka The Suze, Suzie-Q, Su-Wooh!, A-Mays-ing Grace, Hey Suze. Live Yes Studios is my kingdom by day, and the rocking chair in the lobby is my throne. I have many constituents that attend to me at my will, providing me with various forms of tantalizing stimuli—soda pop, socks, tasty morsels from cooking class00as well as other more trivial trinkets like markers, paint brushes, and the occasional canvas. One of my greatest preferences is when these jesters provide music of the hard and classic rock variety—synth is not to my liking. A good jaunt down the highway in one of our vans to a savory tune is one of my favorite daily pursuits. I am also an occasional peruser of the dance floor, if only to move around the studio, maintaining order amongst my peeps and their beverages. One of my greatest contributions to my community at LYS is to be the wise mediator amongst my peers, providing an open perspective of optimism, approval, and disapproval, if needed. I keep a balanced and direct approach to life, reminding my peeps of what is really important: a chill day. A good day, keeping life simple and straightforward, the Susan Mays way.


Desiree S.

Hi my name is Desiree Dawn Louise Schrum, I’m 28 years old. I am a very caring and understanding person towards others in my life. I came to Live Yes Studios in 2012. May of 2019 will be my 7 th year at the studio. When I started at the studio I was reluctant to even try art. I was going through a rough period in my life and was struggling to deal with so many staff coming in and out of my life. I had my guard up because staff were like my family and it seemed like they were always leaving me. Overtime, I found staff at the Studio I felt like I could trust, and so I decided to give art a try. At first I started by making splatter paintings. It was a way for me to get my anger out in a positive way and I was surprised at both how good it looked and how good I felt afterwards. Then I met a staff that introduced to me poetry. Ever since then I have enjoyed both reading poetry and writing my own poetry. Writing has helped me communicate my often complicated feelings in a positive way. Most recently I have come back to painting and drawing. I have started working on a series of cityscapes and psychedelic drawings. I am working towards what will be my fourth Solo exhibition. I can say with confidence that staff at Live Yes Studios have helped me grow as a person.


Lindsay B.

Hi, my name is Lindsay Baker. I’m from Norfolk, but I have lived in Lincoln since 2011. I have a great family and enjoy spending time with them. I like to watch scary movies, romance, comedy, drama, crime, action, and adventure TV shows. I love Lifetime movies. My favorite actor is Denzel Washington, and my favorite actress is Sandra Bullock. I love rap, hip hop, R&B music, 80s music, and rock and roll. I’ve had two art shows here, and I’m currently working on a series of paintings of celebrity portraits. I also like doing clay, drawing designs, and being creative. I’m a great artist with all kinds of beautiful and pretty art. I also like cooking class at the studio and cooking supper at home. I love to learn each day and talk to my friends here. I have come a long way in the last three years with lots of progress. It’s all about self-control, being patient, and kind. Communication is the key word. Don’t feed into negative conflict or situations, ignore them, and talk about your feelings.


Eugene P.

My name is Eugene Planer Jr., but I go by Jr. AKA Geno AKA Geno Bambino AKA Mean Gene AKA Clean Gene AKA Genius AKA Dirty Rat AKA Nosferatu AKA Hunter S Thompson AKA DJ Baldy AKA Babe AKA Yoda AKA 100 Jackets AKA Big Pockets AKA Infinite Pockets AKA Heisenberg AKA The Danger AKA Gollum AKA Sneak Ricketts AKA Mr. Layers AKA Peaches AKA Mister Right AKA Moby AKA Dirty Palms AKA Geno Papeno AKA Genototino AKA Step Up AKA Eazy Peezy AKA The National Champion AKA Three Pants Anyway, I enjoy music and oil painting. It is fun and enjoyable for me to get my feelings out. My love for animals for painting. I think music is an inspiration for me to get my feelings out and an insight of my life.


Brianna H.

WASSUP! I’m Brianna Heaps, but you can call me Bri, as it’s much easier to remember. Though I’ve only been at LYS since January 2019, it’s been a fun learning experience for me. Learning new art styles besides traditional drawing (as that is my main medium) has been good. Currently I have been trying out other art styles and mediums, like digital art, watercolor and sewing. Traditional art is easier for me, as I have done it for a long time now, since I was…um…well, let’s just say I was young. But I hope to be better at digital art in the future. My favorite things are wolves, video games, anime/manga, more anime, and even more anime! Okay, okay. Obviously I’m an anime fanatic. I enjoy drawing anime and manga too. (For those of you who don’t know what manga is, it’s another name for Japanese “comics”.) I love the art style, and I wish to go to ComiCon or NebrasCon someday to see the different art. But for now, I’m happy where I am, at Live Yes Studios!


Kelli B.

My name is Kelli. I’m 30 years old and I have C.P. I’m from Lincoln Nebraska, I took art in school and loved it. I’ve been at Live Yes Studios since 2011. A lot of the inspiration for my work comes from anime and food aesthetics. But honestly sometimes I don’t have any inspiration other than it looks cool. I enjoy writing, making music, sewing, and many other art forms. Recently I’ve been doing more self- advocacy work for people who experience disabilities. I have recently testified at the Nebraska state capitol to the appropriations committee arguing on behalf of the DD community in Nebraska.


Kim j.

Hi. My name is Kim Jensen, and I love to do classes, go on outings, paint, and do music. I do all of the classes at work because I like learning new things. I enjoy dance party the most then different painting classes. Jesus is the bible of inspiration for a lot of my work. I put Jesus on many of my canvases. I have also been working on a book project titled “The Book of Kim”. Many of the stories involve Jesus fighting against dragons, staff, and Satan. In one story Jesus even goes to Shopko with Satan to get their blood pressure taken.


Josh m.

I am Josh Morrison. I like to paint pictures, make wood work, and make sculptures out of trash. I start with an idea and then I find pieces that will make it come together. Sometimes my idea happens after I find a piece of trash on walks. I work fast so I don’t forget my idea. I need to walk or run to think of ideas.


Stacy L.

My name is Stacy Lawson, my medium of choice is Sculpey-clay. My favorite things to make with Sculpey-clay are animals. I draw inspiration from looking at wildlife books. I got started with Sculpey by watching a staff work on a similar project. I asked the staff if they would help me make something and we ended up making a baby lion cub. Ever since that day I have been working hard at making my own unique animal sculptures. I am currently working towards having my first Solo show! When I am not working on my projects I enjoy listening to upbeat music and socializing with friends and family.


CArl R.

My name is Carl, and I like to draw and make sculptures out of cardboard and tongue depressors. I really like to make big monster trucks, army tanks, semi-trucks, and airplanes. I just had an art show on April 26, 2019. My friend, Bill Chrastil, performed at my art show! When I’m not at the studio, I like watching TV, WWE SmackDown, and horror films. For my next show, I’m working on a series of ceramics masks of various horror movie characters. My favorite horror film is Christine. That’s my dream car!


Shellie W.

YAY for SHELLIIIIIIIIIIIIIE! We live at Sonja’s house. We live with Heidi, Heidi’s here. Cory doesn’t live here anymore at all. We had oatmeal today and Sonja’s house. And we had crackers and fried, we sure did. I told you I draw pictures for Sonja. I told you one time…2 times…1 time. I got pictures for Sonja and Cory and Carl and Cory and Cory and Cory and Carl. I have watches that tell time…no it doesn’t tell time anymore at all. I have watches that tell time. You know that now? I just told you guys. And I wanna talk to Travis. Today’s the dance party, yes it is. I wanna do dance party so bad. I like to dance to Happy Days. I told you guys…I live at Sonja’s house…I make pictures for Sonja. I’m Shellie Winingar.



I’m blank. I’m just kidding. I go by Joe man, Joseph, Josephina, Joe, and Joey. I enjoy glazing ceramics. I like muscle cars and trucks. The sound they make is cool. I have a black lab. He is 4 years old. He has his own pool. I used to show stocker/feeder cows, and I have 5 trophies for grand championship. I love music because I don’t get stressed, and I’m away from the world. I play guitar and drums. I taught myself how to play guitar, and I just started learning the bass. I like working with the staff because they can help me learn different things. I am learning GarageBand at Live Yes too.


Gregg B.

Gregg’s art technique very much reflects his every day energy, lots of scribbles and quick strokes. Greg mostly paints, draws and occasionally likes to play the drums or strum a guitar.


Micah H.

My name is Micah, but I like to go by Arthur Archibald. My art is like magical pixie dust. My favorite materials to use to make art are ray guns and machine paintings and clay. My favorite class at Live Yes is Film Fantastico. I love movies For fun I like to go on a ride to the park and walk and read and bowling.


Andrea L.

I like to make clay pots, draw beers, people, and do classes. My favorite classes are screen printing and meditation class. My favorite thing to do outside the studio is going garage sale shopping.



Dave w.

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 11.03.28 AM.png

Steven G.


jessica r.

Once upon a time…whatever. Nothing happened. My name is Jessica, and I am Tasha. I’m nice because I make pictures to give to my friends. Painting is what I like to do. Walks inspire my paintings. I like to go for drives and do puzzles. Walk please. I eat worms. And snakes. Ew. Firetrucks! I like them. I kiss them. MUAH! I kiss my mom. I love her.


Tony R.

I’m Tony. I love cars especially hot rods. I like to ride in them, and I have fun in them. My dream is to ride in the General Lee. I like to draw cars and shapes. At my art show I had drawings and collages of cars, and Rebel’s Auto Club brought classic cars. I’m a nice guy and love my friends. I love Mt. Dew and candy bars. I share my pop and candy with my friends. I love all music, but I especially love Michael Jackson. I’m pretty good at the moon walk too.

Rylee S.

My name is Rylee and my best friend is Blankie O’Neal. We like to draw, paint, write and take short naps. My favorite thing to draw is rainbows and people. When I am not working on artwork I like to get on my computer to watch YouTube videos, go bowling and/or shopping with my grandma. My all time favorite television show is Sesame Street and favorite food is McDonalds(especially the chicken sandwich).


hiedi h.

I love art! It’s SUUUUPER! Flowers. Dogs. Cats. Frog in hand. Geysers. Art is fun and cool. Painting is sooo fun and cool. Music is the way to go. I love the staff. Staff help me when I need help.


William A.

I like music. Playing the piano is fun. I taught myself to play piano by ear. No one helped me play the piano. I like to paint. Painting buildings is fun. I like painting buildings because I get money for my buildings.


Tony g.

Hi. I’m Tony. I like racecars, video games, and storms. I like tapestries. I like animals. I like sewing pillows because I like to express my feelings through them.


Son n.

Good morning Vietnam! My name is Son. I’m a really good cook, and I enjoy feeding people. You got a party? I want to make ribs, rice, and egg rolls for you. At LYS I like to paint and make sculptures. My first art show was a series of paintings of “Son-sets”. I use cardboard and balsa wood to make sculptures of airplanes, cars, and houses. I’m currently learning how to sew at LYS, and I’m making luchador masks for the first time.



Hi. I’m Cara. I like to draw food and people. I especially like to draw Rachel because she’s my favorite staff. I’m also a comedian. I just had my first comedy show at Live Yes Studios in February of 2019. My favorite part was making people laugh. It makes me happy. The show was a blast! I shared the stage with other local comedians. One was even in an Amigo’s commercial! I also like going fishing with my dad in Canada and like traveling with friends. I’m turning 40 this year! I also like swimming, and I likes watching sunsets and taking pictures of them! I even like going to the dentist! Speaking of the dentist, I’ll leave you with a joke…What time do you go to the dentist?.............Tooth-hurty!!!!



I like to sketch and paint, and I use acrylic, water color, gouache, and colored pencils. When I have a project going on, I enjoy painting on canvas. I also like to do ceramics, but not paper mache. Tie-dye is fun too. I like to tell other artists how good of a job they’re doing. I like to work in a quiet place. At home I like to draw with my markers, watch TV, and relax. If I can, I like to go out with my friends or my mom. I like my iPad too! I find a lot of ideas on Pinterest. Recently I did a project I really liked using resin and glue.


Alyssa R.

My name is Alyssa. I am an artist who can make about anything I put my mind to making. I have many different skills. I paint, make unique handmade jewelry, am a sculptor of wire, and can craft just about anything.