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Our experienced group of art and music instructors range from self-taught to Master’s Degrees.Many retain a personal practice outside of LYS and can routinely be found presenting their work locally as well as nationally and internationally. The diverse collective of instructors ensures our resident artists have access to quality, well-rounded instruction needed to tackle any artistic venture they desire.



Lisa Guevara received her Bachelors in Fine Art at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2015 and continues to create and live in Lincoln. With a degree emphasizing in ceramics and painting, she now uses recyclables, found objects, and other traditional and non traditional materials to break away from conventional expectations of each medium.


adam D.

Adam D’Josey was raised by songbirds in the trees of the highlands, when it came time for him to spread his wings and fly he fell to the ground as he is not of avian persuasion. Instead of flying freely and seasonally migrating he took to playing music as a full time endeavor and byproduct of his upbringing




If you look through the peephole of LYS you would see the building blocks of Art. Live Yes leads to art in Lincoln which leads to art in Nebraska which leads to art in the world. 6 years serving as Director of Live Yes Studios. 28 years of experience in IDD. 37 year Grateful Dead Fan. Current favorite Band – Railroad Earth Mountains and the Red Wood Forrest cleanse my soul every time.



Natasha started at Live Yes before they opened in 2011, ripping up carpet and painting walls. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Art and Psychology from UNL in 2012, and intended on completing a Master’s degree in Art Therapy. A believer in creative expression for healing, LYS grabbed her heart and wouldn’t let go. The studio is a place of healing for all who walk through its doors, and she couldn’t bear to leave the people and the place that facilitated so much growth and transformation. With a focus in sculpture in school, Natasha was drawn to torch welding and foundry work like a moth to the flame. After graduating and lacking the equipment to melt metal, Natasha fueled her creative energy into cooking, gardening, sewing, and making sculptures out of trash. With a potentially unhealthy obsession of picking up trash, Natasha (or Trasha) can be seen walking into the studio each morning with handfuls of trash picked up on her walks to work. I love trash, and I love you. (words by resident artist, Cara, when used to describe Natasha)


micah s.


Micah received his BFA from the University Nebraska-Lincoln and MFA from Ohio University. Traditionally trained as a print-maker specializing in etchings, Micah has most recently been working collaboratively with Springboard Collective to make site-specific, interactive, and immersive sculptural environments focusing on transforming the physical and psychological aspects of fun through socially engaged events. While at Live Yes Micah has taught a variety of classes including but not limited to; Relief printing, Paper Marbling, and Drawing Sound. In his off time Micah enjoys making bad techno music, art about chicken-strips, and is currently preparing to compete in the world karate tournament in Okinawa, Japan.



A product of the VHS era, Sam spent his youth watching the tapes of Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Tim Burton, Richard Donner, John McTiernan, George Lucas, John Carpenter, Francis Ford Coppola, and Paul Verhoeven over and over and over again until even tracking didn’t work anymore and he had to get a new tape. And when those tapes stopped working he'd turn to his other love of comic books

Sam graduated from the Film and New Media department at UNL in 2008 and worked in television and film in Los Angeles after graduating for a number of years. Sam worked a variety of production positions both on-set and in post-production, most notably on season 1 of the long running MTV series "Ridiculousness".

In 2018, the independent film "Concessionaires Must Die" was released on digital platforms, which Sam served as screenwriter. Sam has also self published a number of comics.


Conor M.


Conor is a Nebraskan born and raised. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree at Chadron State College. In college Conor received a comprehensive art degree with a focus in graphic design. After graduating college Conor moved to Lincoln, NE and started working for the one and only Live Yes Studios. Conor has taken over the position as graphic designer for Live Yes Studios in 2014. While working on graphics and printing for Live Yes Studios Conor also has taught a wide range of classes including painting, print making, digital art, screen-printing, heat-press printing and design fundamentals. When not working at LYS Conor enjoys freelance designs/paintings. He also spends a majority of his evenings and weekends with his dog Moose who occasionally visits Live Yes. He believes the true riches in life is creating memories with Family, friends and even strangers.

Stephanie W.

Stephanie Olivia Wright’s legacy of adult nonsense began as a tender child born and raised in southern Louisiana. And a good part of that time in Florida an overall setting for a future swamp witch, really. Her love of drawing animals from a young age compelled her to consider a future in zoology. Her parent’s knowledge of her sensitivity to blood and animal death—(they’d seen her watch the Lion King and threaten to become a vegetarian)— encouraged her to do something more practical with her future: “You should really become an artist and just draw animals instead”. Stephanie graduated with a BFA from University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a focus in printmaking. Seeking further guidance in her artistic journey fate brought her to Lincoln NE where she earned her Master’s in Fine Art in 2017. Still concocting nihilistic depictions of animal imagery, Stephanie currently works at Live Yes where she spreads her wealth of self-deprecating philosophy and delusions of grandeur to other artists. Amongst sarcastic quips and puns. She still cries while watching The Lion King.



Jarvis grew up in rural Nebraska. While living on the Omaha Indian reservation, he was introduced to the drum, and consequently, a lifelong passion. From there, Jarvis moved to Norfolk, Ne where he received an associates of applied sciences degree in audio recording and played in the jazz band. After college, Jarvis joined the local music community, playing in bands ranging from crazy loud rock and roll to jazz, folk, and reggae, performing everywhere from popular clubs and coffee shops to d.i.y spaces and city streets all across the country. While at Live Yes Studios, Jarvis has hosted a weekly drum circle and is currently teaching an improv music class. In the community at large, Jarvis enjoys coffee, gardening, cycling, and traveling.


Joe H.

Joe Humpal is one of the weirdos that works at Live Yes Studios. He works in illustration as well as music instruction. Joe has never seen a moose in real life. Joe’s favorite movies are from the eighties, especially comedy and horror. When Joe was 13 years old he was abducted by aliens who taught him all of his guitar skills. Joe knows how to talk to cows. Joe enjoys his work with the other staff and artists at Live Yes Studios. Joe cannot count to seven.

“What the heck comes after six?”




Graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2012, receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in drawing. After graduating, Rachel co- directed Akin Art Studio in Parrish Studios until 2017. While serving as the co- director of Akin, Rachel curated monthly shows, which included her own work as well as that of local artists. In 2013 Rachel became the Gallery Manager at Live Yes Studios and currently enjoys helping each Live Yes artist bring to life their unique vision for each Final Friday show.


Wes has been working at Live Yes since 2015 and has taught a number of classes including drawing mandalas, basic American Sign Language, and oil painting. Wes has a passion for tattoos and playing piano. Wes is punk rock with sparkly shoes. Wes has a cat at home, which is probably the most important thing to know.

CoDY k.

Cody AKA Cory is a local artist with a true gift for bringing his wild and highly imaginative visions come to life. He likes to dabble in many forms of art but has a focus in illustration, printed clothing and graphics. When he is not producing art you’ll find Cody scavenging the desert for crystals, attending music festivals or lounging around the house. If you asked him what he likes for music well that would be a an entire story in its self.




Paul S.


Jess p.