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The legacy of adult nonsense began as a tender child born and raised in southern Louisiana. (And a good part of the time in Florida. Just the overall setting for a future swamp witch, really). Her love of drawing animals from a young age compelled her to consider a future in zoology. Her parents’ knowledge of her sensitivity to blood and animal death-(they'd seen her watch the Lion King and threaten to become a vegetarian)-encouraged her to do something more practical with her future: "You should really become an artist and just draw animals instead." They brought it upon themselves. Stephanie continued drawing all through school, graduating with a BFA from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a focus in printmaking. Seeking further guidance in her artistic journey to never work a desk job, fate brought her to Lincoln Nebraska where she earned her Master's in Fine Art in 2017. Still concocting nihilistic depictions of animal imagery, Stephanie currently works at Live Yes Studios where she spreads her wealth of self-deprecating philosophy and delusions of grandeur to other artists. Amongst sarcastic quips and puns. She also teaches a printmaking class. She still cries while watching THE Lion King. 

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It was a dark night, the darkest of nights. The McCoy family was on their way home from the local theatre when a man whom would change their lives forever stepped out of the shadows… Oh, that’s not quite right, let me try it again. Blasted from the planet Krypton, young Sam-El’s rocket ship crashed in rural Nebraska where he was raised by the kindly McCoys…no that’s not quite right either, we’ll get back to that later.

A product of the VHS era, Sam spent his youth watching the tapes of Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Tim Burton, Richard Donner, John McTiernan, George Lucas, John Carpenter, Francis Ford Coppola, and Paul Verhoeven over and over and over again until even tracking didn’t work anymore and he had to get a new tape. And when those tapes stopped working he'd turn to his other love of comic books

Sam graduated from the Film and New Media department at UNL in 2008 and worked in television and film in Los Angeles after graduating for a number of years.  Sam worked a variety of production positions both on-set and in post-production, most notably on season 1 of the long running MTV series "Ridiculousness". 

In 2018, the independent film "Concessionaires Must Die" was released on digital platforms, which Sam served as screenwriter. Sam has also self published a number of comics. 

 Now back to that origin, Sam was just a small time comedian and had to take a side job as the Red Hood…



Lover of people, babies, plants, and magic! Working in a garden, making music, learnin', making kombucha, and attending births as a doula in my free time. I'm a newer member of the live Yes! Team, but working in direct care has been my jam for several years know. You can probably find me out in the community eating chocolate, sniffing flowers,  facilitating the occasional mom's group, or teaching the occasional childbirth education class.

Thankful for the opportunity to work at live yes studios, and to continue to learn how we are all better off together. 

Xoxo Amber



I am a Lincoln based visual artist working with a variety of mediums and styles ranging from abstract acrylic paintings, to surrealist pen and ink compositions. In addition to teaching art at Live Yes, I run a vegetable gardening class with Live Yes clients in the Community CROPS garden plots. In the past year I have assisted in organizing fundraising events and opportunities for Live Yes artists to advocate for themselves and others with disabilities. I am honored to  be a part of the Live Yes team and proud of the innovation our artists and staff bring to this field of human services.



Phil has been an Instructor at Live Yes for over 5 years. During that time he has taught music classes and lessons. He currently teaches voice, guitar, bass, and ukulele. His music background includes 4 years as a member of the Wesleyan Chamber Choir at NWU as well as playing in several local bands, most notably White Wall Static.



When I'm not being the best staff at Live Yes Studios I enjoy riding my trusty bicycle and making beautiful music.. My favorite thing at Live Yes is sharing joy and excitement for life and art. I also like to flame Paul. I've been playing music for the majority of my life and it has been endlessly healing and a best friend over the last few years I've been lucky enough to play with incredible musicians, stat a few bands and play countless shows around the country that have given me some of my best memories. I hope to continue growing in my artistic ability try to be the best human i can, Live Yes helps me with all those My Favorite medium in the human voice, its a direct line to the source of inspiration. Watercolors are also very rad!


Along with working at Live yes, I am a practicing artist that explores mental health and social issues through mixed media assemblage. I enjoy obsessing over music, tv shows, and astrology (I'm a Libra sun, Virgo moon, Gemini rising). I love to travel; especially trying new foods and seeing new landscapes.




Sultan of social media, this human is a master of composition, tree wrangling and sleep deprivation. Melanin impaired, soulless ginger, left handed witch, water coloring scorpio, squirmy dancer, blue eyed devil, how can't she be described? No wonder she has had so may encounters with ghosts and bassists. Michelen gives 2 stars.


Wes is a primarily self taught artist who enjoys creating oil paintings and tattoo artwork. Wes has a background in classical piano, visual arts, special effects, makeup, theatre, and has been live the experience of working at Live Yes since 2015.




Micah received his BFA from the University Nebraska-Lincoln and MFA from Ohio University. Traditionally trained as a print-maker specializing in etchings, Micah has most recently been working collaboratively with Springboard Collective to make site-specific, interactive, and immersive sculptural environments focusing on transforming the physical and psychological aspects of fun through socially engaged events.  While at Live Yes Micah has taught a variety of classes including but not limited to; Relief printing, Paper Marbling, and Drawing Sound. In his off time Micah enjoys making bad techno music, art about chicken-strips, and is currently preparing to compete in the world karate tournament in Okinawa, Japan. 


Conor is a Nebraskan born and raised. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree at Chadron State College. In college Conor received a comprehensive art degree with a focus in graphic design. After graduating college Conor moved to Lincoln, NE and started working for the one and only Live Yes Studios. Conor has taken over the position as graphic designer for Live Yes Studios in 2014. While working on graphics and printing for Live Yes Studios Conor also has taught a wide range of classes including painting, print making, digital art, screen-printing, heat-press printing and design fundamentals. When not working at LYS Conor enjoys freelance designs/paintings. He also spends a majority of his evenings and weekends with his dog Moose who occasionally visits Live Yes. He believes the true riches in life is creating memories with Family, friends and even strangers.