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Private Music Lessons and Classes


Live Yes Studios is currently offering private Lessons, in guitar, bass, percussion, voice, and piano. We house a plethora of musical instruments that are available for the artists to use, including but not limited to; Yamaha Portable Grand DGX-205, Spinet Piano, acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitars, ukulele, xylophone, recorders, a Drum set, and many other percussion instruments. Group music classes evolve and change with instructor availability. In the spring we finished up our incredibly popular recorder class with Phillip Raabe. Currently we host a Drum circle class every Friday taught by our marvelous Jarvis Davis.


Our music production studio includes a 21.5 inch IMAC, equipped with the latest versions of Ableton and Garageband, linked to two M-Audio BX8a deluxe studio monitors offering incredible sonic accuracy. We also have a number of modulators, recorders, and mixers to help assist all of our artists’ in reaching their artistic vision.


Offering classes in traditional media such as painting, drawing, ceramics, and sculpture. Artists are encouraged to experiment and play with several different mediums to work on developing their own unique style and approach. Each artist works on creating a self-directed body of work, that when completed, will be scheduled to be shown in our main gallery as part of our ongoing solo-exhibition series. Live Yes Studios also works with our community partners and other Local galleries to coordinate exciting exhibition opportunities for our artists.

Private Art Lessons and Classes


Art classes our taught by our experienced group of instructors whose visual arts experience ranges from self-taught artists to Masters Degrees. Many retain a personal practice outside of the studio and routinely can be found showing their work locally in Nebraska as well as nationally and abroad. The diverse group of instructors that Live Yes houses ensures that our artists have access to the quality instruction needed to help them tackle any artistic venture they desire.


Visiting Artists

With the opening of a second communal gallery at Live Yes Studios, we have begun the process of inviting local artists from the community to work and show alongside the artists we serve at the studio. Visiting artists are invited to show their work in our gallery as part of our Final Friday’s events series in exchange for teaching a workshop or by giving an artist lecture. The workshops and lectures given by our visiting artists are free and open to the public.